SreeshMandiramconducts various activities that are based on self-discovery and spontaneous self-learning through play.This allows the children reveal themselves as individuals and as one amongst others, without competition or prejudice. We believe in the concept that children who play and feel inner joy are more creative, more independent and easily socialize.
It’s through the joy of play that each child blossoms, finds a path to follow and gains trust in ones one capabilities and potential. In later stages they will be able to actively find new ways for self-development and independence.Joy helps us connect to our inner child and gives meaning to life, a crucial value that one needs to realize in today’s world. This is a new rehabilitative approach centered on joy that helps them become the creator of their own life.


Our special or Individual Education Program (IEP) is tailored to the individual needs of each special child and is systematically followed and monitored by our team of special educators. In addition to this, we adopt new, innovative and successful educational methods and customize them to address the needs of our special children.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior analysis is a scientifically validated approach to understanding the behavioral pattern, including the actions and adaptive skillsof the special needs child and how it influences the immediate environment the child lives in and the physical or social effects it may have and the resulting reaction of this behavior. Based on this observation, our therapists provide a road map and suggestive action for altering the behavior of the child to improve their communication, skills and behavior.,

Occupational Therapy

This is one of the most important activities in the special school which is aimed at helping the special children gain life skills that help them perform various day to day tasks. This enables the special children of all age-groups to live life to its fullest and helps them improve their health and live better with or prevent injury, illness or disability. An experienced Occupational Therapist from Chennai, Shri. Kalyani is a visiting consultant to the organization and helps in this activity.


Special needs children who have physical challenges and difficulty with their motor skills can benefit to some extent and get lots of comfort through regular Physiotherapy. Free physiotherapy services are provided to the children of Sreesh Mandiram by SVIMS Physiotherapy College through a monthly visit by their designated assistant professors and batches of interns on daily basis.

Speech Therapy

Clarity in speech and the ability to communicate their needs effectively is one of the most important developmental milestones of a special `needs` child. The school has a dedicated therapist with a B.Ed., in Hearing and Speech Therapy who helps the children in this area.